"Exerpt from the Pulitzer book

The press may be licentious, but it is the most magnificently repressive moral agent in the world today. MORE CRIME, IMMORALITY AND RASCALITY IS PREVENTED BY THE FEAR OF THE EXPOSURE ….. THAN BY ALL THE LAWS, MORAL, AND STATUTE EVER DEVISED

"In sleepy Harrisonville, Missouri, citizens were so enraged by a fraudulent issue of bonds for which Cass County Attorney James C. Cline and Judge J. C. Stephenson were indicted that they contrived a more Western style of justice. When Cline and Stephenson boarded an eastbound Katy train with one of their bondsmen, Thomas Detro, a band of some 75 masked men stopped the train at Gunn City by laying logs across the track. ""Where's the robbers?"" they shouted as they rushed the train. They shot both Cline and Stephenson dead and dragged them out by their hair. They found Detro cowering in the mail car, riddled him with bullets and tossed him out to bleed to death- a crime that was never solved but was said to have had a purifying effect on public officials of surrounding counties."

Solutions, according Pulitzer;
Tax luxuries
Tax Inheritances
Tax Large Incomes
Tax Monopolies
Tax the Privileged Corporation
A Tariff for Revenue
Reform the Civil Service
Punish Corrupt Offices
Punish Vote Buying
Punish Employers who coerce their Employees in Elections

What is the great demoralizer of our public life?  Of course, corruption. And What causes corruption?  Of course, the greed for money.  And who offer the greatest temptation to that greed?  Corporations….
Money is the great power of today.  Men sell their souls for it.  Women sell their bodies for it……Others worship it…  It is the growing dark cloud to our free institutions…..  It is the irresistible great conflict of the future.
Doctor seeking Illinois Senate seat offers brutal diagnosis of ObamaCare in viral video

"So let me get this straight. This is a long sentence.
We are going to be gifted with a healthcare plan that we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don't, which reportedly covers ten million more people without adding a single new doctor, but provides for sixteen thousand new IRS agents,written by a committee whose chairman doesn't understand it, passed by congress, that didn't read it, but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief,who didn't pay his taxes, for which we will be taxed for four years before any benifits take effect, by a government which has bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese and financed by a country that is broke.

So what the blank could possibly go wrong?"
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