The other  day  I happen to remember a little girl from my childhood days at Springfield elementary school.  While browsing through the various internet sites designed to connect classmates,  I thought I would try to find the person, who I thought I remembered.  (I’m not even sure if my memory serves me  accurately.)  I was probably a third or forth grader, and Springfield had a summer school program where kids could come and play ping pong, shuffleboard and a number of other games.  I  lived only a mile away from the school and it was our custom to walk back and forth to the school.  This is where I think I remember her,  In those treks back and forth to the school. Anyway,  I found who I thought  was the toddler I remember from my childhood days,  There was a posting by her , “ I would love to hear from someone” and at the top of the profile page was the word “deceased”!  How precious this breath of life!

Another thing I remember were bible stories being told in the classroom.  There was an easel, a felt board and  paper cut outs of the characters from the bible.  How important it was in those days to understand right from wrong, divine providence,  and to respect one another. What a difference a few decades have  made.

At Everett I remember lugging my cornet that  long mile back and forth to school.   And I distinctly remember Luther McDonald scolding me for something??? I don’t even remember what.  But to this day I still pay attention when he is around or even when I see his name in print.

Then there was Rutherford days,  football, band,  and girls, beautiful girls.  Motorcycles, Paper routes, the beach, skipping school,  and slipping off campus for a smoke or two or three!  Happy Days!!!

Military,  Marriage,  College Days, and a three children, two beautiful (and mischievous) daughters of my own.  And now, grand children, who are older than the toddler of my memory from elementary school days.